Thursday, October 4, 2012

My new venture

I am running short of instances to jot down here on this blog. Having turned into a full time house wife recently, I have hardly anything that I can write down here.... People ask me what I do the entire day....don't I get bored. Well, its the way each one of us manage ourselves. For me, while I was working, I used to find it hard to get sometime to rest. And now that I have the time to rest, in plenty....I am always in a search to do something....watching TV was not my favorite thing ever in the past but internet was...I used internet to help me get rid of the boredom. I am indebted to it, to have helped me learn crocheting, learn photography, learn cooking fancy things other than the usual rice/chapati and curry. Now, most of these help me keep myself busy- crocheting to help set up the interiors of my little world (my home) and the photo shoots that happen everytime I try my hand on cooking something different/special.
All through out, my husband had been nagging me to start a food blog where I could have my experiments shared and also the photographs clicked, could be put up. But I always had the thought, there are plenty of food blogs other than a hand full of them that I refer to, then why do I need to start one and not that I am a great cook. Thats when, my mom said one day, that my cousin who is almost the age of getting married is worried, and trying to learn cooking. Having seen her worried, my mother said to her, "Look at Anupa, she knew nothing but now she instructs me how to make certain dishes. If  she can do it, you can definitely do it". I decided, lets start one. It would help me keep myself engaged and at the same time, would encourage people who know me, to realize that cooking is not rocket science. Oops sorry, let me first introduce me to you , in line with my attachment to kitchen and cooking. It was revealed, that the hereditary genes of the culinary skills, never passed on to me, as my most hated place at home turned out to be the kitchen. If I might have helped my mom atleast a bit in her cooking, my mother would say, "look, it tastes good. You have the cooking skills in you. Just that you need to learn a bit." No way, was I going to fall for it :). Then how did this major change happen? Well, my necessity to have something different every day and also the new job description(playing host to relatives and friends) that was added to my resume of life, post marriage, made me get my hands try new stuff. 
We used to photograph everything that was made at home. And now when I look at them , I see a change(ofcourse positive :) ) that has taken place gradually, in the shape and texture of these dishes. And ofcourse its always good to share the learnings, that might have taken me multiple attempts to realize, what was going wrong to make it perfect. And hence, with the best critic(my husband) that I can have, we started off the new venture -  :). 

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