Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baggage mystery

If you might have read my previous posts, you would realize that I do add instances to my book of experiences while I travel. Recently I got to realize that me and my baggages, have a difficult time travelling together.

I was supposed to join my husband in a different country . Now having seen me do life threatening stuff in the past while travelling alone; my grandma was scared to let me go off. I had a hard time explaining/promising it to her that I won't do stuff like jumping of the flight , this time. My parents were pretty confident though or may be pretending confident. Anyways, I travelled and this time it all went fine. I saw my husband waiting for me at the destination. Was so happy to see him after quite some time that I went on and on with my stories. After a while we realized that we were the only ones waiting at the baggage claim area. I had received one of my baggage. Where was my second baggage? My husband looked at me. "I did transfer both my baggages at the port of entry", I said. We head to the enquiry to check on the same just to figure out that for some reason my baggage was routed to another corner of the country and would reach me only the next day. Apologies flowed and they handed over a comfort kit to me. "When I saw you, I was thinking, how come you landed without any issues. May be for a change... :)", said my husband. I said, "You should be grateful to me. Look at the positive side... you don't have to carry the suitcase, they would get it home + the comfort kit  :)."

Recently while I was again travelling, I head to the counter to do a through check in for my baggages. The staff at the counter asked me having seen the destination address,"Mam, where is this place, US/Canada ?" That indeed was a scary question for me atleast, cause of my previous experience. Last time my baggages had stayed within the country. I couldn't think of it going around the world this time. I made her double check and confirm that it was to go to the desired location. I did have a couple of issues with the baggages at one of the stops, like the baggage got too late to get there for me to identify it and then proceed with a new baggage tag or me getting the baggage tag only when the flight was about to leave etc. but the good part is, it did manage to reach with me, this time...:)

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