Monday, April 12, 2010

Heard of knees fellowshipping???

It was way back in May 2002 , I was on the way to Varanasi with my paa and maa to go to Delhi. We had left home sometime early in the morning, crossed Renukot. Slight rain drops were pouring down from the sky to absorb the scorching heat of north India. Our Armada took a curve and was on straight road and we were traveling through the wilderness, when we could see at a distance, another jeep coming crawling, like a snake. Having realized the danger, driver uncle stopped by the side , but no way , they didn’t spare us. The jeep hit our Armada somewhere in the front and we were in no seconds rolling down the hilly region. Thanks to who so ever had planted a huge tree which could give us a brake from rolling down even further. But yes the few seconds of rolling down helped me to do a quick confession of sins done till then having seen yam raj in front, and also a thought that we would be survived by my only brother who was not traveling with us. Such vast thoughts in just few seconds, our neurons are just great, what say??? I had heard of people with stage fear say that their legs shake leading to touching of both knees together when they get there on stage. Never ever had that happened to me and I used to think that they were just exaggerating. But after this incident I could feel my knees and jaws fellowshipping even in this summer heat. And moreover there came a reporter of a local newspaper, to report the incident . I still wonder, what was the reporter doing there in the jungle like area……hmmm…….Anyways, it was the one of the days when I realized that yes, there is definitely something that has been decided about us, otherwise why does it happen sometimes that people go in for suicides by hanging on fans and not baring the weight or may be due to loose fitting of the fans by lazy technicians ,the fan itself comes down leading the whole act of suicide to be a failure. Similarly, the shape of Armada does not look like as if any one traveling in it had been spared by death. But the fact is we all were safe with just minor injuries.

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