Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It was a long day but happy to have gone for the get together to meet my cousins ,whom I hadn’t seen for so long but at the same time feel sad , as my home looks deserted now , after having my cousin left on the completion of his course ,after 1 year long stay with us, but at the same time happy to have got back my room, which I had exclusively given it to him ,in my absence ...... He was the first baby I had ever lifted when I was small. It was fun to talk to him about the days happenings in class, over coffee . Home was lively place,but now its paa, maa and me who remain. 2 more days and then I will be gone too….. Now when I had nothing else to do ,I sat down in front of the TV to find a discussion on ‘ whether this generation kids are losing out the fun of vacations by engaging in either dance classes,tuitions,etc………….It made me think of my vacations as kids…..

As my father was into government service in the small township called Singrauli (Most people haven’t heard of this place but what I tell them is that ‘had you guys learnt geography thoroughly, I would have had less pain in explaining the geographical location of Singrauli’) . Well this is for all those who don’t know, Singrauli is known for its coal mines namely NCL and also NTPC . Ahhh… you might know where it is because it is a place where in one can actually experience the bend of Indian cultures, as people from different states have come down for service and leave as a society, which is just wonderful. I am thankful to have been born and brought up there which has made me visualize the whole of India in a nutshell.

It takes about 3.5 days on train to reach my native i.e. Kerala having crossed borders of almost 5 different states. I love long trips , that may be the reason why I disliked the concept of traveling by air, as a kid. Moreover, the passengers would be busy people who would be either peeping into newspapers or taking a quick nap before they reach the destination where they might have a busy day ahead, thus leading to not even knowing the name of the person sitting next to you. Now since it took 3.5 days on train , it is reasonable time to get to know other people and also if everyone is asleep and there is no one for company ,get a window seat , just plug in music to your ears and keep staring outside into the wilderness; there is really a beautiful nature outside to admire. Hmmmm………. okay now the day we start planning to go to kerala, me and my brother would be weaving our own dreams and plans about the activities to engage in when we get there. And at kerala we have plenty of cousins and when we all get together, the neighbors get the intuition that a day care has just started next door….....ha ha ha

One of the incidents, that flashes into my mind is ,me scrolling down an arecanut tree. At my grandparents home, there is a lawn from where the steps start leading to the courtyard. Now in the lawn, there was an arecanut tree . One by one my cousins started scrolling down the arecanut tree from the courtyard to the lawn. They used to do it quite frequently, and so they were all enjoying it by hooting and howling as they scrolled down the tree. I was just a spectator in the beginning. I thought of giving it a shot. I was in my divided skirts and never had I noticed that all others who were involved in it were in pants or slacks. I caught hold of the tree and had just scrolled few inches that I realized that the skin of my legs were also getting peeled off. I cling ed on to the tree,not willing to let peel my skin off but neither was I able to climb up. Stuck in the middle, and didn’t know what to do and others standing in queue to come down next after I am done , was driving me crazy. Finally , I scrolled down with my eyes shut tight, to compensate with the pain of the scratches on my leg. It was painful then, but now when I think of it, can’t stop laughing . Vacations were really awesome to be spent in kerala and being kids ,when we get back it was troublesome to converse in Hindi, for not having spoke for about 2 months and mummy finding it difficult to change out Kochi accent of malayalam having stayed with my 3 cousins from Kochi , which we were good at grabbing fast…… ... But those days are even cherished now with some beautiful memories ............

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