Sunday, April 25, 2010


In your life, you meet people. Some you never think about again. Some, you wonder what happened to them. There are some that you wonder, if they ever think about you. And then there are some you wish you never had to think about again. But you do. At the same time there are some others whom you cannot forget and every other incident in your daily life brings about their memories. For me it’s the set of friends that I had made during my stay at Pune.But before I started off with those friends, I had some awesome time with my women’s college gang…..I think everyone should go into a women’s only or men’s only institution at some point of life, it sometimes helps you to know that what one is good at…..Now this college is just 10-15 minutes walk able distance from my grandparents home but I was made to stay in hostel because I was supposed to study…….but naahhhh I really can’t sit and study….I am kind of a person who would get involved in all extra curricular activities possible and then at the end of the day i.e. at 8:30 after the night prayers at hostel ,when I sit down to study I just doze off….and then would get up somewhere in the middle of the night to study, when the whole world would be sleeping and study for just 2-3 hours which is like carving things on to a rock, it retains ……and that is the reason why no one has ever seen me study during my graduation days and ya this is why I still don’t believe that the thief had come that night , as I was awake and I never saw anyone… And then exam time is even more fun when people have their prayers on asking god to rain heavily so that it may flood and the exams may postpond…..I still remember one of my classmates complaining after the exam ‘You cut down all your hair and come like this making me wonder all throughout the exam time and thus I ran short of time ’…….yeah I had cut down my hair and was called a mota or Indiraji …….Still some people do recognize me by that name…… Now the worst part is having chosen the most studious group to be in …yeah the mathematicians, I was expected to be a bookworm by my professors, who were kind of not at all bothered about what happens in the college but to study maths…..Now I am not that intelligent in having taken up maths but ya it is one such subject which just makes my time fly off like anything without leaving me tired and also to score marks with less effort put in …ha ha ha…Now this time in college had gifted me with many friends in college as well a hostel……It was the beginning of my hostel life and every other place that I have stayed in has certain memories but few memories which is attached to my graduation days are like…… I was given the orders by my parents to stay in the hostel even during study holidays (yeah of course to study hard) but then the hostel would be somewhat empty other than the final year students…..this hostel has some huge trees in the garden with fruits during summer……I am least bothered or say interested in having them but I would be the one who would take up the initiative to climb up the trees to either shake down or pluck down the fruits…..I used to make sure that I wear a green dress so that I am not easily figured out among the leaves……Now the world cup usually falls during this time and we were taking a break from studies to watch the world cup and wooowwww what a catch by sachin and we all howl and hoot in excitement ……the warden comes rushing to scold us for making noise and here we rush to our rooms having taken up the slippers in hand , so that we could save ourselves from getting scolded for some more time….ke ke ke ….All the midnight practice and sleepless nights as the hostel day approached and our room, it was very lucky as the warden never paid us a visit …I still wonder if she has any idea of such a room to be there….. It was over all fun….

Now it was time to head to Mysore……A small gang of friends after the training had to get split to get posted as per the authority’s orders .However, I was lucky enough to have been posted, where I had most of them heading to, yeah that was Pune ( a lovely place which I had always wanted to visit having given an ear to all the stories of my aunt’s college days).

Life was fun, may it be at home or at office. At home were 3 idiots Niji, Anju and myself with the experiments in the kitchen, lovely neighbours esp. Abraham uncle and aunty who made us feel at home, another set of noisy neighbours …..ha ha …….. but we were not less noisy either ……Niji would have all the funny stories coming up ,from college as well as office……… We always had plans of getting a bucket fit by the side of my Activa(after having seen the idea advertisement ) so that we could explore pune together : ) ……… Anju ,as cool as a person can be....never tensed ..never worried…but ya the very word ‘take care’ would get her irritated as she used to say ‘as if I won’t take care of myself , if you don’t say that’….ha ha………Can’t forget the threatening part of having my Aarangetam for having mimicked them at home …..LOL....and one day while returning from office ,to find people from church had come for carols ,uninformed, the expressions on both the faces left me grinning

I had wonderful cubicle mates and team mates too… the launch pad, mama’s boy ,chinna and shailz……Sajan,My friend who later turned out to be my mentor, and was happy to make me work under him…urgghh………. not to forget the growing actor Sarin(I used to resemble the dog in their lane, as said by him ke ke ke)..…. and ya the erumma(every other sentence of his would contain the word kochi)……..workaholic Shyju…..Roby (can’t forget the surprise onam sadya by aunty)……hmm Swami’s classes had helped us lot in surviving those 4 months…..The cartoonist Arjun…..Rinu (training classes would act as sleeping pills for him)….. Taraka with her wonderful doubts…..KK, beware he is the one who can give you a shock if passed by his side when is keenly coding…..

The most memorable would be our trekking which happened at Anand valley……all excited and all set to go ………rain is the most uncertain one that pours out anytime…..even though it rained …it couldn’t stop us from climbing up the slippery hill and enjoy every moment of it……. It is usually easy to get there on top but to get down, is a bit scary…..can’t stop laughing when I think of Roby screaming, and Anju and myself had to get to his assistance…… After having come down, we had a magician performing tricks ….. bad day for him as no one was patient enough to just sit and watch ……. Had fun playing volley ball as well as defeating the guys in tug of war (secret was that the gals were double in number …..ha ha)……

Life has been something very unusual and full of uncertainties…….. we meet people to depart ….having left just memories to cherish about them……But we have to just silently nod in agreement for anything that it decides for us ……..I was the first one to leave and then one by one everyone moved out , in search of fulfillment of their dreams and aspirations…..But yes technology has kept us stay in touch and meet once in a while ,however far we are …..And ofcourse if we just stay together then how could we know the others……my other chapter of life which also gifted me with another set of friends……and will continue to happen …… and thus life goes on……


  1. All of us have some sweet memories to cherish n its hard wen those moments pass by....we always pray that this instance would return once n for all n it rarely happens.......

  2. Hey nice blog...its something diff too.... i miss my frnz.... so attracted by ur blog..