Saturday, May 15, 2010


If life is to be taken as an academic institution where we do have theories , of course, the advices from elders, friends and sometimes even strangers as well as practical sessions where we learn by mistakes , we could actually see that there is lot of learning happening. As I call my life to be a happening one that has gifted me with many practical sessions which has helped me in acquiring gyan.Here goes the list of my leanings or what I call gyan…..

- Scene1 :Two kids, myself and my brother, jumping or hopping on the bed, which made me slip of and fall leading to my head to hit the corners of the window. Scene 2:Me ,with a couple of stitches on my head.

Gyan: Always wear your helmets.

- 3rd standard……was running through the verandah and was made to fall down by my classmate, and ya it left another couple of marks on my head….…..donno the reason …still wonder why was that done….I was the class monitor so

Gyan: Spiderman said, with great power comes great responsibilities and to add on it great power do call on to threats too….so stay alert…..

- Evening play time was most eagerly awaited and when u r not a frequent visitor to a park, please do be cautious of any new pond being set up there…..I never knew of such a pond and landed up into it and ya drank plenty of water as if I didn’t have enough at home……

Gyan: thanks to the dirty water with all microbes and what not….which has kept me immune till date… ha ha

- My first holy communion , all set in white gown …… another moment, here is a lady on fire in the church and ya its me….  my net caught fire but somehow got saved with minor burns……Funny part was the dance after the service in the church where I was dancing in a gown with a hand sleeveless and other full sleeves….

Gyan: I still can’t figure out what I learnt from that incident , may be to be away from fire and being more alert.

- First ride on the bicycle on the roads….being an immature rider, was not good at taking turns or using the brakes rather used to use my legs to stop……I see a turn in front, unable to turn the handle tried stopping using the legs…….another moment was seen on other side of a drainage and the cycle in the drainage….

Gyan: If you hold a cat by the tail you learn things you cannot learn any other way. I learned to use the brake from then on.

- Xmas time….fiddling with stars to be hung , made its ends to poke my eyes….aahhhaaa everyone seems to be shining on their right side…..actually had got an aberration ……couple of days with eyes tied up with medicine led my eyes to look as if someone had given me a bash on my eye…

Gyan: Artificial stars made of paper can be more dangerous than natural ones….so handle with care

Now there are many other incidents that have provided me with the same i.e gyan , some of which I have already written down(like the train jumping, the scrolling down from the tree). I am not very sure if the quota of such happenings is over. If anything else does happen I will definitely keep updating it here.

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  1. The holy communion incident takes the all in all u had a very eventful childhood;-o.
    I have all sorts of bruises on me but cant for the life of me remember where I got them from;-P