Tuesday, August 3, 2010


As the calls kept me busy and the mails poured in wishing me on the special occasion and yes not to forget the chocolate facial that you get it done for free, only then did I realize, hmmm I am growing old now….and especially when a lady walked up to me to enquire of my age, I knew the others in the bay would be actually suffocating as the entire oxygen available there was absorbed by her on hearing my age. Come on….. something that had not bothered me till date was like ….oops am I so old???? I was searching to find out the grey line on my head now….. But anyways, was fun today…. Esp. the midnight celebrations, wherein I got up to receive a call to find out the surprise cake cutting being scheduled in next few minutes by my roommates, who had never anticipated of me waking up at that hour and were standing there with the cake in hand and one of them still searching for the match box and another one singing all of a sudden the famous bday song ‘Santhosha janmadina kutike’. And when they finished, asked me ‘Do u hav a match box’ :)

Had a discussion on bday celebrations on lunch toda....why is it that you celebrate when you grow old? There could be many explanations to it. In short , human beings have a reason behind any celebrations and yes the celebrations and fun is something that keeps them going on and ofcourse its actually necessary for people to have a change from the routine. Just imagine how boring it would be if you have the activities in life as a routine on every day without a change… yes that may be the reason why these celebrations were invented… kudos to the inventor of celebrations…


  1. Thank you for your nice comments.. Your blog is very interesting.. Nicely written and very good anecdotes.