Friday, October 15, 2010


I still remember one of my teachers at school say….. “School days are the most colorful moments in your life”. But then we just had one big hurdle visible in front of us and it was the nightmare that every other kid ,going to school, has..yes the board exams… It took me so many years to realize that it was just a small hurdle that one could cross with very little effort and that yes the teacher was actually correct…School days are just colorful..and so are college days as well…
Miss the long summer vacations..don’t get them anymore…. 
All those huge bags filled with books that we used to carry to school was never been complained when compared to the laptops that we carry for work.
Whatever exams may come, we did find time to go and play in the playground...but now have switched to playing outdoor games indoors…..confused….Thanks to foosball 
I never sat in a school bus I guess, but now it’s the other way round. These days I quickly figure out a place to quietly sit and take a nap.
College days where the ones when u could figure what were u good at by just stepping up there on the stage and performing what you feel like…..the stage could be all ours and thatz were the creativity would sprout.
All those fake headaches or illness just to skip classes is not to be forgotten...
All the series of exams…quarterly then comes half yearly and then finals …and not to forget the unit tests and class tests which were used as fillers…
Its just that we human, just realize the value of anything so late that , by the time we get to know its worth it would be too late……but don’t crib abt it …..because as is said…Enjoy today because there is no point worrying about the past which is gone and no point worrying abt the future either, as it doesn’t even exist.. …Live , enjoy and make a difference or say redefine ad practice life that you have thought it should be ,for TODAY is the day that we are in control of..


  1. Very true.. School and college memories are very colorful..

  2. yeah....not that the days now are not colorful..but we may realize it only when we grow old..