Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ban gaya na popat

Has it ever happened that u do land up doing some blunder and then you hear someone saying at the back of your mind ‘ban gaya na popat’. It has happened to me a plenty of times….Here are a few of such instances..

Today being Diwali, reminds me of those days when we were kids and had the fascination of burning crackers….I used to hold the candle in my left hand….Pick up a cracker ,lit it and throw it at a distance to burst out….this continued and the speed of this activity also gradually increased… there comes a stage when I lit the cracker and threw the candle away and the cracker burst out…ban gaya na popat……

The entire day had been spent brainstorming on a tool…lets call it ‘Ispace’. When u spend a day thinking about something , it automatically becomes a part and parcel of the conversation that happens. I land up in a shop to buy a packet of biscuit.I stand there and the shopkeeper asked me what was that I was looking for? I tell him,”Ispace hai”. Oops …ban gaya na popat……..I see a blank expression on the shopkeepers face, wondering if such a biscuit does exist and why has he never heard of it…..I interrupt him and say ”okay…hide and seek also would do”….How I had my laughter under control ,can’t be explained….I saw people staring at me…..still wondering if such a biscuit does exist…I leave the shop but couldn’t stop grinning and land up straight in front of my roomie and on sharing what happened at the shop ,burst out laughing… 

Back in college ….I used to see many of my friends going to temple early morning…I had never been to a temple in kerala… One day my friends decided to fulfill my wish and they decided to take me along with them… they instructed me what all to do so that I may not be caught…and asked me to do exactly what they would do out there at the temple….Ok done… we reach there and after all the praying , the pujari gives away some prasadam…..I received it with both hands but drew a cross on the forehead…..ban gaya na popat ……pujari starred at me and I stood there , still not having realized what I did….My friend held my hand and moved out of the temple and thatz when I realized ….wooow what a blunder…

These blunders turns out to be a full time entertainment for others to hear/see and laugh , also for us to realize that how foolish we have been at times 

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  1. iSpace was a good one. Guess apple is into biscuits these days. :-)