Friday, November 5, 2010

The Scary House

It couldn’t have been more disappointing, when u land up at a scary house to go through all the scary scenes and get scared and howl and hoot and come out screaming….All was expected and was so enthusiastic to go through such stuff. R, D and L and myself decided to have an experience of the scary house. The scared look on D’s face made us to ask her to stay back while we go and return. But she had made up her mind to come along with us. Now the turn comes for us. We get in, to realize that its too dark but at certain corners we have red lights and all those fake dead bodies hanging about. I usually turn up laughing at such scenes whether it may be in a scary house or while watching a horror movie, if it doesn’t look realistic. Same was repeated here. I was laughing at the fake set up and drop downs. I guess those people who hid behind walls to bring about the horror effects,heard my laughter and in an attempt to create fear in us , they made a hanging rope and pillow swing past our side. Their attempt wasn’t a failure. They got it right. It hit D, and she started screaming.

Now D changed her mind and was searching for the way back. We asked her to hold on and get done with it as we were already in. My Idea generator box said , why not make a train and place D in the middle and move forward. We followed the same approach but it really was a bad idea because the series was R-Myself-D-L. Now D being scared , she kept on pulling,pushing ,snaching and scratching and what not, which left me with couple of scratches here and there. Anyways , we moved forward.

Apart from all the dead bodies,sound effects,door bashing and what not. We crossed all of them. Now came the end to all of it. We could see light and hence finalized that okay we are gonna end with the entire effort. As we approached the exit,we had enough space to move and dim light as well and saw a bed with a dead body lying over it. The very thought of this scary journey getting over, D started getting all very relaxed and was commenting on the dead body , saying, “seems it is just a demo, but wonder why is it just lying there. Anyways we are near the exit” Blah blah…All of a sudden, we see the dead body arise and ran towards us. It was much small in size and we all ran to a corner…D just pushed me in front of that short dead body which had arose just few seconds back… But I guess it could recognize the fear factor in D and approached her and she stood there begging for life “Cheta..enne onnum cheyalle” and she was literally crying ….Hilarious it was…not just to hear begging for life to that guy in the costume of a dead body in Malayalam but also to see a clueless or rather say helpless expression on that that guys face .D ran outside screaming in front of people who were standing in queue to get in next . I guess those people got the encouragement to go in for it , on seeing rest 3 of us emerging out all red with laughter which lasted for quite sometime.

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