Friday, May 6, 2011

Stressed ??

What more could happen to a person when he/she is under stress?? It is yet to be discovered by me…but yes something that happened with me is something normal (I believe and am made to believe) that one can go through when under pressure…

The night before the incident , I realize I have an early call to attend and I set my expectation with my better half that , noodles would be coming his way ,next morning , as breakfast. The meaning of the nod that he gave is yet to be revealed but yes he agreed to it.

Next day morning - I have the tea getting ready on a burner and the noodles on another. Recently married and getting better on the cooking was making me think proud of myself. In another minute, there happened something which all brought the rating down, just like a person would mess up with his/her appraisal at the last minute.

I gave him a headsup. “There seems to something wrong with the new noodles packet that we bought. It tastes sweet”,I said.

“Oh is it!” He replied.

We sat down to quickly grab the noodles and the tea.

“May be because the noodles taste sweet we might not be actually able to figure out the characteristic of the sugar put in the tea” ,I said.

He blankly nodded. It seemed hard for me to have the noodles and the same was with him too.
Trying to be sounding nice he asked “Did you …”, he said

“You mean to say I had put sugar in the noodles????”, I said, worried.

“No dear, I meant that might have just happened, just that you are very stressed out these days…”

I couldn’t believe it… I remember it for sure that I had not done that but yes the tastes of the noodles and of the tea , could not prove me right…..

“Alzheimer’s… ” he said.

“Ohhh I have that”, I said in the tone that the small boy says in the movie ‘Switched’.
And we laughed….....
But till date, I couldn’t ever accept the fact that I did it and every time I prepare noodles, I am extra alert….

This is just another incident that made me write another blog, after exactly 6 months……another foolishness that added on to the already existing list of mine :)

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