Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I just logged in and realized that its been some time that I wrote a blog. All this time I had been blogging about my own foolish acts. But this time its kind of different.

When our plans fall apart and does not seem to show us a way forward we keep worrying about what is gonna be the next step. Tension is something that I would say has never left me alone. Now when the resistance level of the tension goes high, I can't hold on to it. It usually comes out as an anger filled sentence, followed by tears and then weeping. Anyways, now it was a day(day before diwali) when I couldn't think about what was going to happen in a weeks time. [yeah its kind of natural that I bother about a weeks time into times I think about an year ahead as well :)] ... I was walking down from my office.... Had gotten dark...But still certain pictures hit my eyes...

There is a waste disposal by the side of a road. I see an old, lean and tired man, shabbily dressed or may be hardly dressed...sitting by its side.. was wondering what was he up then I see a relative of mine on the road and we stood there talking...I still wonder, had I not stopped there to talk to him, I might not have written the blog. The old man sat there and picked up some rice(I guess so) and was having it...I was so disturbed to see the man having food from the waste bin, the area which we usually used to plug our nose and walk past by , because it used to stink very badly. ...It had been my practice that I waste food..not too much but how does that matter.... my mom used to make me eat food, while I was kid by saying "If you waste food, the devil is gonna pull your leg and take away" and the day I used to waste food I used to dream of the devil (the one that used to come in the Onida ad). I just moved on.

Since it was the day before diwali, the lane that I took back home was filled with crazy children bursting crackers... I somehow managed to cross it and while I was waiting to cross the road my eyes caught up at a welding station. I saw a little child at work, enjoying the sparks from the welding machine , while a minute back I saw all the kids on that lane bursting crackers. I was the child labour is still on...While I was of his age , my parents used to make me cautious of even lighting up a candle and this kid was there working with a welding machine..The kids face threw up an amazing maturity which is not usually seen in a kid of that age. He might be there to earn bread for his family.

Its not only that day but it was just another day that helped me realize that how blessed I was. I was back home and did not crib about that days work being hectic, to my husband and also ate the food completely without wasting. At times, we get to be reminded about how lucky we are , having looked into the lives of others...

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