Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pre and post marriage

The other day I was watching the recording of our marriage ceremony for the nth time when my husband asked me something and I agreed to it...
So he says, "why do you have to agreed to everything. You can say a no as well."
I said , "Just wait and see. I am hesitant to say no , because the theory might go wrong."
He says,"What theory?"
I said," I am just waiting for an year to pass. because the theory says the first year of marriage is seen to be an year of silence for the wife. The second year is when the wife speaks and husband agrees." Followed my laughter and his worried look of what the future holds for him:). Just kidding.

Today, the one year just completes... I was just thinking of how life changes. Every stage does see a change; birth to kindergarden, school days to college days; college days to work life etc...But the major change happens in the married life, esp. when it is an arranged marriage... All through out your life you are being asked not to talk to a stranger and all of a sudden you are asked to start living with one. My husband is one of the strangers whom I had met during the whole marathon of bride viewing. Ya it definitely was a marathon...after the entire weeks work, the weekend is just spent travelling to the home town, just to have another boy come to see you...One such friday I sat on a bus having relaxed, thinking, woww..woow... there is no one coming to see me this time but next morning the bus I was travelling got late and I started getting calls from home enquiring about where have I reached...Finally when I reached home, my mom was like... go get fresh and ready, there is a boy coming to see you..It was 3 pm the next day of me having started the travel ...was hungry , tired and what not....the boy came and I literally yawned,in front of them..Nope I was not being rude but I couldn't help it.....More over the relatives are always there to brain wash you saying this is good proposal , why don't you say yes...and my thought would be....why can't they say an yes in cases where I have already agreed to... It sometime is really difficult to identify if the guy is the donor of the rib(as per the Adam and Eve story) that was used to build you up. And finally a stage came when I identified mine. This blog is dedicated to my married life.

Married life had seen a change in me as well as the behavior of other people towards me.

Unmarried : While facebooking the likes go in for trekking, movies,music etc.
Married : Most number of likes goes to the cookery pages.

Unmarried: Kitchen used to be the place, very rarely visited at my home.
Married: Apparently, the interest in cooking came up automatically because that would result me in ending up with a subject matter for photography :)

Unmarried: Movies mostly seen are light or romantic or animation.
Married: No choice but to watch action movies with your eyes closed most the times and having left marks on your husbands arm, having grabbed it tight.

Unmarried : Every uncle or aunt approach you with a question - so when can I get to have a Kalyana sadhya? And the solution to this could be to get a sadhya packed up from a hotel and give it to them :P
Married: The blessings given are not "Jug jug jiyo" any more but "Puto phalo" and on similar lines.

Unmarried : We think about what can be done over the weekends. To go for movies/shopping/visit a mall?
Married: No need to think at all.. It is definitely gonna keep you busy with a set of movies to watch along with guests, cooking, cleaning, pending office work..

Unmarried: I need to take care of myself.
Married: I have now a family to be taken care of.

Activities and priorities change or say multiply...In the middle of all these changes there is a need of a change manager who could help deal with such situation. If you are being given a husband who kind of has an inbuilt nature of a change manager, you feel blessed and now when the one year completes..I feel blessed to have a got a change manager in the form of my husband :) may be because he still has an eye over the rib that he donated to me during my creation :P


  1. Belated anniversary was fun reading this.There s one thing that keeps me and you connected atleast once a while...that we started this sitting at sannidhana with nothing better to do:)

  2. thanx :)...

    oh ya , I still do rem those days of unlimited story telling during power cuts..and when we r done with it, would turn over to the blogger to write down some of them :).

    you should start a cookery blog with all ur culinary experiments.. the cookies look tempting..:)

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