Friday, April 27, 2012


The other day I was at a store, to send few mails through the postal service. They have deli stall , left open for people to parcel up there snacks, salads etc. , just next to the couter. There was a lady in queue with three children. As her turn came by, she got busy inquiring and parceling the stuff that she wanted to send across. What more could help the kids go free. They started moving around making noise, that our eyes fell on them. Now two of the elder ones, approach the deli. One of them picks up a bacon with bare hands and brings it towards the other one , asking him to taste it. The other one waits till the bacon touches his lips to reveal his obedience and says, "That would be like stealing". The other one, on hearing this, puts back the bacon into the same dish and walks away. Ya, it was wrong to have picked up the bacon with bare hands, but still... he did refuse to eat it cause he felt that might be wrong. Was fun watching till they gave us a stare as if its none of our business to be watching them do anything and everything there..

Has it happened with you that a kid might have embarrassed you infront of others. That reminds me of my brother while he was a kid. He was, and is very fond of sweets. While he was some 3 year old, our parish priest gave us a visit. My mom realized that she had gulab jamuns that she could serve for him. Here comes my brother, to the kitchen, demanding for gulab jamuns. Now my mother said, " We just have 2 left. I will serve it for father and if he does not have it, its all gonna be for you." He silently agreed and went to the living room and sat just opposite to the parish priest. Now he had an eye over the gulab jamun and its count as well :). Father took a gulab jamun and ate it. But my brother still had the hope that the second one may be left for him to grab. He saw father's hand heading towards the second one and there it was in his mouth munching in another sec and he spoke "Athum thinno". There was silence for a minute- my parents starred at my brother as if asking him what had he spoken out to the parish priest. the priest confused as of what just happened and what should he do with the gulab jamun which was already in his mouth. lol...

We were obedient kids...every summer vacation when we would be getting ready to travel down to kerala, we would be given a class of dos and don'ts while in train.." you should not put your hand out of the should should not ask to buy you all that stuff that comes across etc. etc... Now it was fun to travel almost 3.5 days in a train..mainly because you have all the family friends travelling together...Now all the kids might not have been given such a class before they start their I see my best childhood friend buy a bird...the one's which move their feathers when u press their tail and make chirping sound as well....and there it was all that sound that disturbed me.....Now I try hard not to look that side and control my urge to get one of those...meanwhile my father was like "do u need some juice"...instead of a reply to that I said "If you want , you can get me one of those birds" father burst out laughing and my mother joined him ...I was starring at them as if what is there to laugh at it...and they were like "if you want ..ehhh".. and ya what happened father bought me one of those ...and how happy I was..I have no words to describe...:) I still see kids rolling down on the floor, crying to convince their parents to get them what they desire at the stores..and this incident just comes flashing through...and there I go webbing all the childhood thoughts and pouring it out to my husband...and he listens to all of them adding a couple of such cute incidents from his part :)

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